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It's time to get the practical help you need to easily navigate the world of essential oils -- allowing you to create the healthy home you want for your family. 


Essential Oil Basics

I'm new to essential oils and want to know how to use them safely.

Home Care

I want to use essential oils to create healthier home care products.

Personal Care

I'm interested in replacing personal care items with more natural solutions.

Essential Oil Basics

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Are you just getting started with essential oils? Then make sure you learn the basics first. Here are a few articles to help you start using essential oils safely and effectively: 

Essential Oil Basics

An Introduction to Essential Oils

How to Diffuse Essential Oils

How to Apply Essential Oils

Home Care with Essential Oils

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Once you've learned the basics of essential oils, take your knowledge to another level and start creating safe home care products:

Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

How to Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

How to Make Your Own Bathroom Spray

Personal Care with Essential Oils

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When you know how to dilute essential oils you're ready to use them for everyday health and wellness. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How to Use Essential Oils for Headache Relief

Best Essential Oils for Women

Homemade Bath Salts Recipe