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Want to level up your essential oil knowledge?

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Have you ever been frustrated by the sheer amount of information about essential oils and bewildered about how to start sifting through it all?

Have you tried some of the blends you’ve found on Pinterest and been exasperated by the lack of results?

Do you want to try out more recipes but you’re not sure how to swap out one essential oil for another?

I’ve got the perfect solution for you and it’s more than just another essential oil recipe!

I’ll show you how you can be confident when you’re reaching for your essential oils so you can start creating recipes and blends that work for you!

This welcome bundle will give you the confidence you need to use essential oils safely and effectively in your home.

So many new essential oil users are confused and overwhelmed by all the information about essential oils. Where do you even begin to sift through all the details to find out what you actually need to know?

Let’s cut through all the noise and find out exactly what you need to know to start using essential oils today.

With the email course you’ve just signed up for you’ll learn the very basics to use essential oils safely - now it’s time to take things one step further and learn:

  • how to use essential oils all throughout your home

  • how to swap out one essential oil for another in any blend you might find online

  • organize all your new favorite blends and recipes in your own personalized reference journal

If you’d like to start using your essential oils with confidence, but you’re not quite sure how to do that, I’ve got a fabulous resource to help you get started.

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I’m passionate about essential oils and know that they can change the life of your family for the better. That’s why I created this special offer just for you!

Get the Essential Oil Welcome Pack for 40% off!

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What you’ll get with the Essential Oil Welcome Bundle:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils - with this 80+ page guide you’ll learn all the safety information you need to know, the many ways to use essential oils, and plenty of recipes and ideas to create a healthier family home.

  • The Essential Oil Journal pages - thirty pages of recipes, resources, and printable divider pages that will help you keep all your great ideas organized - and create your own essential oil reference guide!

  • Simple Swaps & Substitutions guide - this guide will show you how to swap out one essential oil for another in any blend or recipe.

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There is a lot of free information available online. Why should I pay for this information?

Great question! You’re right - there is A LOT of information about essential oils online - but much of what you’ll find is inaccurate or even downright false and unsafe. How can you be sure what you’re reading is safe and reliable and true?

Instead of wasting your time sifting through all that information, get everything you need to know in one package that you can start using right away. {And this information is safe - I love to read and research and only want to share safe and effective ways to use essential oils.}

Wouldn't you rather pay $21 and cut right to the chase with helpful content than waste an hour of your time sifting through unreliable information?

How do I access the bundle?

After you purchase, you'll be redirected to your customer page and you can download each product in the bundle. You’ll also receive an email with login information that you can save for future access. And you can login at any time by going to, clicking the login link at the top of the page, and logging in directly!

You'll have access to all of your goodies forever!

What if I find this isn’t for me?

No problem! If the bundle doesn't live up to your expectations, just email us at within 30 days of your purchase and we'll gladly give you a refund.

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