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My Essential Oil Journal

Create your own personalized essential oil reference guide.

Organize all those essential oil recipes and blends. 

You find a fabulous diffuser blend idea and save it to your phone... or a Pinterest board... or written on a sticky note.

A few days later you repeat the process with another recipe or tip.

After awhile you have a disorganized mess and you aren't sure how to keep it all organized.

It all starts with a simple, efficient system.

Introducing the Essential Oil Journal pages

Thirty pages of printables and recipes that will help you keep all your best ideas and tips organized in one place - 

so you always know where to find your favorite resources.

More than fifty diffuser blends and recipes for homemade skin care and cleaning products -

ready for you to start creating your own healthy home care products.

What's included

This is a DIGITAL product - when you purchase you'll receive a link to download the printable journal pages.

  • Title & Divider Pages
  • Instructions for creating your journal

  • Safety guidelines & dilution ratios

  • Safe essential oils for children

  • Seasonal diffuser blends

  • Basic first aid tips & first aid balms

  • Body care recipes

  • Cleaning recipes

  • Inventory sheets

  • Blank pages for your own ideas and recipes

  • 50+ blends and recipes


Keep all your favorite essential oil blends and recipes neatly organized in one beautiful notebook.


You'll find thirty pages of recipes, resources, and printable divider pages that will help you keep all your great ideas organized in an efficient manner. 

Note: this is a DIGITAL product - after you purchase you'll receive a link to download the printable journal pages.

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Buy your Essential Oil Journal pages today and create your own personal essential oil reference guide.

  • 30+ journal pages

  • More than 50 recipes and diffuser blends

  • Instant download to your computer or device

  • Lifetime updates


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What happens after I purchase?

Once your purchase is completed, a page will open that will include your download links. You will also receive an email with a link to download your product.

+ Is this a digital product?

The product is completely digital. Nothing will be mailed to your home. You can print the materials directly from your computer.

For easier downloading, save to your computer before downloading to your Kindle or e-reader.