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Blending 101:

A Beginner's Guide to Blending Essential oils

A Step-by-Step Workshop for Creating Custom Essential Oil Blends

Mixing and blending essential oils doesn't have to be confusing. 
You can learn the step-by-step process for creating your own personal blends.

You want to learn how to combine two or more essential oils and which oils you should use in your blend, but you're confused about where to start. 

You feel frustrated and bewildered because you’re not quite sure you know how to best use your essential oils.

Let me show you how to create your own custom blends and know that you’re using your essential oils to their full potential.

It all starts with understanding the simple step-by-step blending process.

You find recipes and blends on Pinterest but aren't sure whether they are effective. There are so many choices that you don’t know which recipe is the best.

You'd like to feel more confident about creating your own essential oil blend recipes -

but how do you figure out which oils you should include in your blend?

Introducing Blending 101: The Beginner's Guide to Blending Essential Oils

One 45 minute workshop that will walk you through each step of the blending process -- so you’ll know exactly how to mix your essential oils for personal, custom essential oil blends.

Understand when to use topical or aromatic blends.

Learn 18 therapeutic properties and the essential oils that have those properties.

Discover the step-by-step process for creating your own blends -

and feel confident knowing that you can make a healthier home for your family.


Hey, I'm Tonia. I believe you can ditch the overwhelm and confidently create your own essential oils blends. That's why I created the Blending 101 workshop -- so you can avoid the confusion that many people have when they try to figure out how to make their own essential oil blends.

What’s Included:


The Workshop

The 45-minute video will walk you through each step of the process - from knowing whether you should plan to make a topical or an aromatic blend, how to choose the right essential oils, and how to combine them to make a blend that works for you.


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The Workbook

The 40+ page digital workbook is a companion to the workshop - all of the information presented in the video is included in the workbook so you can print it to keep as a personal reference guide whenever you want to create a new essential oil blend.



The Worksheet

The 2-page printable worksheet is your go-to resource whenever you want to create a new blend. Along with the workbook, you’ll use the worksheet to go through the step-by-step process for creating each new blend.

Pro tip: keep your worksheet notes to refer to whenever you want to re-create the same blend.

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Learn the step-by-step process to mix your own

personalized essential oil blends.

In the 45-minute workshop, you’ll learn all the basic information you need to start creating your own custom essential oil blends and the 8-step blending process you’ll use every time you want to make a new blend.

With this video class, you’ll have the tools and the confidence to create your own personal, customized essential oil blends.

  • 45-minute Blending 101 Workshop

  • 40+ page digital companion workbook

  • 2-page printable worksheet

  • Instant download to your computer or device

  • Lifetime updates


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This is a digital product.

After purchasing, you will be able to view the video and download the digital workbook and worksheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What happens after I purchase?

Once your purchase is completed, a page will open that will include your download links and video workshop. You will also receive an email with a link to download your product. Bookmark the website to watch the video as often as you'd like!

+ Do I need to join a MLM?

There is absolutely no need to become a member of an essential oil company. Choose the essential oil brand that works best for your family - no special memberships required.

+ Is this a digital product?

The product is completely digital. Nothing will be mailed to your home. You can print the materials directly from your computer or read on a tablet or device.

For easier downloading, save to your computer before downloading to your Kindle or e-reader.

+ What if I don't know anything about essential oils?

Start with The Beginner's Guide to Essential Oils to understand the basics about essential oils before viewing this workshop.