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Want to learn how to use essential oils?

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Essential Oil Basics

I'm new to essential oils and want to know how to use them safely.

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Home Care

I want to use essential oils to create safer home care products.

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Personal Care

I'm interested in natural solutions for health & wellness.

About The Author

Hey! I'm Tonia - your average busy mom seeking simple ways to create a happier, healthier home. A little bit about me...

When I first heard about essential oils I thought it was just another fad. There was so much confusing and often conflicting information available I wasn't sure what to believe or even how to begin. On a whim, I bought a small bottle of oregano oil from the grocery store after learning it was helpful for coughs and colds. I faithfully applied it to our feet before putting on socks when we felt a winter cold coming on but we didn't see any difference in our usual cold symptoms. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. But, after sharing about our experience with a friend, I learned that the grocery store wasn't the place to buy genuine oils. After learning how to find quality essential oils, I discovered why people were so excited about them -- they actually work!

That was the first of many discoveries in my essential oil journey. With time and more than a few mistakes, I learned to sift through the overwhelming and often confusing information available. I learned how to diffuse them, apply them safely, and even how to create healthier, natural cleaning alternatives for our home. It's no passing fad for me -- essential oils really have changed the quality of our everyday life. 

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Get the practical help you need to easily navigate the world of essential oils.


Avoid the common mistakes that many people make when they begin using essential oils. 

Learn the tried-and-true methods for using essential oils safely & effectively.

Start creating a healthier home for your family - with essential oils.


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